Rides in The Green Zone


We call it "The Green Zone," but you'll think of it as the best part of Seattle!  It's the area where Seattle Pedicabs operate and give rides, and where you'll find all of our regular posts.

You may have noticed that Seattle is a pretty hilly terrain.  And even though our riders are hardy, certain areas are just too daunting for our services.  So we condensed our available riding area in order to maximize the fun.  

Regular posts make us easy to find.

There are a few spots around The Green Zone where our pedicabs regularly "post up."  So if you;re looking for a ride and are nearby a post, head on by and if we're not there waiting we probably soon will be.

For rides anywhere within The Green Zone, just call us at 206-708-1726 after 11:00am everyday!

GREEN ZONE large.jpg

Why just look at Seattle when you can really explore it!  Our casual and fun tours can bring you into corners of the city that allow you to see more than just the attractions; see how they all fit together.  

We're so good at the popular routes, we've made them our specialty.  Ask us about our package routes along popular and tourist destinations!When you book, ask us about how you can turn your ride into a half-hour or hour long tour!

  • Neighborhood exploration
  • Historical hotspots
  • Architecture and cityscapes
  • Scouting restaurants & hotspots
  • Interest-based tours
  • The possibilities are endless!